Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Midterm Mania!

Sorry for the brevity of this blog due to the massive amounts of studying I did and will do for this upcoming midterm. 

Today, we were treated to three full lectures: one guest lecture, two class lecture. Professor Kramnick gave us helpful tips in how to study for our midterm tomorrow. In the afternoon, we talked about the beginnings of feminism.After class, I went to office hours to clear up some things in our lectures and readings. I highly encourage future ILCers to go to the TAs office hours to get one-on-one assistance, especially if you are shy during the discussion sessions. I then proceeded to study with a group of people in preparation for the midterm.

I have to do some more studying now. While everyone else (except for Hotelies) has thoughts of what to due with a day off, I will be burying my head in my notes. Well, at least we get Friday off. Here's to hoping I do well on the midterm.

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