Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Long but Ordinary Day

I woke up at 7 AM to get ready for class today. In the beginning of class, Mr. McCarthy reviewed the presentations from yesterday with us. He told us that overall, we did great, but each group had small errors that could be fixed. Later, he handed out the grades for each group. Our group received  a 89 out of 100. I thought that the grading was fairly reasonable because we all knew what we did wrong and what wasn't perfect. Though it would have been better for that extra percent to make it 90, I was pleasantly happy with it.

After we got our presentation grades, the class was split into two groups again: group A and B. Group B, which is us, went to the computer room to learn about business and letter memos. It was confusing at times because it was hard to follow Mr. McCarthy while taking notes. After an hour and half of rushing myself, it was finally time for lunch.

At lunch, the Hotelies met up with Mr. Chan-Law. We all discussed what we were going to do in the weekends. One of the few things we could do because of our tight schedule is watch a movie. I was especially excited  for Friday, because that was when all of us ILCers would go see Spider-man in 3D.

I was most excited to play the CHESS simulation today. It was like a video game, just without graphics. I thought I did well because I was close to the goal income. My average departmental income was around 9,200 dollars, and the goal was at least 10,000. Today was an ordinary day, but still, very exhausting.

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