Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Study, Study, Study!

We resumed the instruction of John Locke today, finishing off the material for tomorrow's midterm. Our discussion focused on Locke's views in general to clean up for the test. After lunch we had two lectures: a guest lecture featuring Judge Judith Rossiter of the city of Ithaca, and then another lecture by Professor Kramnick about the origins of feminism.  After the particularly lengthy school day I went to Ulas's office hours with two classmates, Eric and Pranav, to clear up any clouded information we had about the midterm's material.  The rest of the evening was spent studying. We formed a Freedom and Justice study group in Donlon lounge to compare notes and ideas for tomorrow.  

I'll try explaining the day in better detail tomorrow, but we have been studying for the midterm since the end of the school day and there's not a minute to waste! Wish us luck!

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