Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Birthday Boy

We started the day with an extremely unorganized meet up with all of us in order to surprise Alex for his birthday. Eric Wang and Frank went to pick up the ice cream cake while I had the task of waking up the others. The most difficult one was Eric Wilson. After about 20 phone calls I decided to go to Donlon Hall myself. When Eric Wang came back, we both (along with Matt) went over to Eric Wilson's room to bang on his door and call his phone again. Originally, we thought he might have been in the shower, but to our amazement, he actually slept through everything despite his phone volume being on high. Our surprise was delayed for about 45 minutes. We finally went to Risley Hall with Mr. Chan-Law to go and surprise Alex. For most of the time, we were more concerned about the cake melting than being sneaky. When we finally got there and said happy birthday to Alex we commenced the cake eating. However, the cake was rock hard and impossible to cut so our concern of the cake melting was all in vain.

Alex, Eric, and I spent most of the day working on our essays with some TV-watching thrown in there. After   finishing the essay, we met up with a bunch of people and watched Spain win the Euro Cup 2012. However, I ended up sleeping through most of the second half of the game along with Eric Wilson. After the game, we watched a little of The Matrix Reloaded, then headed up for dinner. Upon coming back from dinner, we revised our essays a little more and then watched Taken.

This day was mainly dedicated to work so not a lot of things happened. After a full week being independent, I think my time management has really improved; I find myself finishing all my work with enough time to wind down and explore other things.

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