Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Cutting the Cake
I awoke this morning to the sound of my phone ringing and a banging at my door. I answered them simultaneously and it turned out to be Matt, Alex ,Eric, and Frank who had forgotten to tell me about Alex's morning birthday surprise. I  had previously thought the festivities were starting at lunch. I quickly got dressed and cleaned up and we headed out to pick up the ice cream cake (egg free for Alex) from Matt's refrigeration where Eric and Frank had stored it. Then we walked down to Alex's room with Mr. Chan-Law to surprise him.

This was the first time I, and I think all of us, had ice cream cake for breakfast, an it was quite the experience. After we finished eating we walked back to Donlon Hall and met back up with Aflredo (who had left while we were eating). We again went over our plans for the next couple weeks. We spent the rest of the time before the Eurocup Championship  Game working on our essays. I actually fell asleep, along with Calvin, during the game and awoke to see, with a small level of disappointment, that Spain had won by a long shot. We watched TV for a little longer until dinner time. After dinner I finalized my essay and Alex and I proofread eachother's work and bounced ideas about the essay topic. Then we watched Taken for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow my second week at Cornell starts. It is easy to fall in to a routine, and I have become very at home. Every morning I wake up, shower, and clean up then head off to breakfast. The day varies, but every night ends up pretty much the same. After dinner is usually free time which I spend socializing until check in. After check in I spend some time with my roommate, then perform the general pre-sleep hygiene ritual and go to sleep. I am really enjoying my time at Cornell, and so far I have not felt overwhelmed or stressed out about anything. Having only one class, and complete control of my time makes getting my work done and still having plenty of free time an matter of only effective time management. This experience is making a more responsible person, and I feel like I am becoming much more mature. It is a great feeling, and an awesome thing to recognize.

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