Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Home Stretch!

Today was a relaxed day, as Sunday's at Cornell seem to usually be, full of finishing homework and playing games. Unfortunately I missed breakfast as I slept in until 10 then showered, and by the time I was ready to eat, breakfast was over. I met up Calvin, Alex, Eric, Frank, and Hannon and we spent our time before lunch playing pool. In my time here I think I have actually managed to get worse, and there is certainly no improvement. After a few games of pool, we went to eat lunch. The afternoon was spent reading, revising my paper, and playing whiffle ball. We played a few more games of pool after dinner, then I finalized my essay revision. Finally before bed I watched some of Iron Man with Hannon and some other of my floor mates. This is my last Sunday in New York. It is hard to believe the trip is almost over. It has been, and still is, such an amazing experience. I do not want it to end, but at the same time I miss my family and friends home. Tomorrow my last week in New York starts!

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