Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reading, Relaxing, and Studying

I took advantage of today to sleep in a bit before I hung out with Eric, Calvin, Frank, and Alex before and after lunch by playing baseball with our plastic bat and wiffle ball we pitched in to but for the baseball hall of fame.

We all took turns, hitting, pitching, fielding, and playing catcher. It was nice to get to kick back, joke, laugh, and have fun before we cracked down on our studies. After we cooled down in the Donlon lounge, I finished my readings and then did my original idea for my service project which was editing the Freedom and Justice group's papers. I enjoyed reading their essays analyzing Plato and The Republic because one, their writing is interesting, and two, I already read parts of The Republic during my AP Language and Composition class with the ILC at Yale chaperone Igor Litvin.

My service idea changed when we all took a break from work to play a little more baseball. Eric was chasing a ball down when, out of nowhere, he yelped and started limping. Frank and I helped our buddy out by getting him everything he needed to treat his foot which had started to swell. We ventured a guess that he stepped on a bee that stung him so we told Eric how to remove the stinger. While it turned out to not be a bee sting, Frank and I are still contributed to helping Eric.

After a quick dinner, Frank and I went to the optional office hours to do one more run through with CHESS, and I think Frank and I know what we can do to reach the goal of $70,000 weekly department revenue.

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