Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Last Sunday

With our last weekend at Cornell, we decided to take full advantage of it by spending most of our time revising our papers. The day started off with a quick game of pool (I'm pretty sure all of us missed breakfast since we all slept in) and then off to the dining hall. Once we were done, it was straight to work. Alex, Eric Wilson, and I were revising our papers, while Frank and Eric Wang were reading about their hotels. After a long initial revising process, we decided to take a break and channeled our inner motivation to play baseball from yesterday's trip. We played some wiffleball outside in the hot weather. Every once in a while, one person would go back into the lounge just to cool off; this process happened quite often throughout. After about an hour, our wiffleball broke due to the sheer quality of our batting skills. Once we felt the effects of exercising and hot weather, we went back to the lounge and resumed our work that was interrupted by computer games.  

After a while, we decided to head up for dinner since Frank and Eric had office hours for Hotel. Once they left, Alex, Eric, Hannon, Matt, and I went to play pool. However, Matt actually fell asleep throughout the whole time. I do have to say, I feel that my pool skills are coming along (although it may just be luck). Once we were done, we were expecting to pay at least $5 for the hour spent, but the front desk apparently forgot to write down our starting time, so we ended up only paying $1.25. Not bad at all.

When we got back to the lounge, we decided to read each others essay to get some more feedback. This turned out to be a great idea as Eric pointed out some mistakes I didn't catch even though I read mine earlier. I later went to Bear Necessities (Cornell's convenience store) with Alex to get a few snacks since I get a little hungry after check-in hours. The day ended with some light conversation with Alex, Eric, Hannon, and Matt. I guess I never mentioned this, but I spend almost all my time in Donlon, and since I live in Balch, the day ends once I check in, unlike all my friends in Donlon who hang out in the lounge after check-in.

Well, the day certainly hasn't been the most eventful, but it was enjoyable (even though we were working on our papers for most of the time). 

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