Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Last Weekend

This day was the last time that we were able to sleep in. Since we woke up so late, breakfast was closed, so we went to play pool at the RPCC for about  45 minutes. After our brunch, we were determined to do our work.

Everyone was at the Mary Donlon lounge to do our homework, because it was the only air-conditioned place in the dorm. After an hour of working, we got bored and we went outside to play some baseball with the plastic bat and wiffle ball (which Eric broke during the game). After finishing our game, I played Boxhead with Alex and Calvin. They were intense games, and for some reason, Alex was pretending he won (he didn't).

Back to focusing on class, I went to do my Hotel Management assignment. We had to do a service to anyone that had to be following the Golden rule, Platinum rule, and Double Platinum rule. The Golden rule, which almost everyone knows, is to treat people the way you want to be treated; the Platinum rule is to treat people the way they want to be treated, and the Double Platinum rule is to treat people beyond expectations. I just realized that one of my good deeds followed all of these rules, so I used it in my writing. I helped my friend decide what coin to use in the vending machine. It seems lame, but I went beyond my friend's needs, and looked up coin collectibility online to make sure he didn't waste a good quarter.

After finishing my assignment, Eric and I went to the optional office hours to revise our CHESS strategy and ask the TAs anything we had problems on. After about two hours, we headed back. I finished the day by studying for our quiz tomorrow.

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