Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Last Free Day

I really slept in this morning. I had been so tired for the past few weeks that I somehow managed to turn off my alarms and sleep until 1:30 PM - effectively missing breakfast and lunch at the dining hall. Last night a classmate called asking for help with his essay (he is taking a summer course, too, back home); it sucked to get out of bed (it was about 1 AM), but it helped me with my project for class too (help someone in need who I don't know very well). I was not sure what I'd do for my own project, but I was happy to help even if it had not helped me too. I'm good at writing, and the prompt was similar to one I had done previously, so I'm pretty sure he'll get good marks. 

Since today was my last free day before the upcoming chaos, I decided to walk into Collegetown. The main portion was not very big, and the side street stores were all closed or up for rent. I did get to try the highly-recommended self-serve yogurt place, "Crazy Yogurt;" I wasn't crazy about it, but it wasn't bad either (plus I was hungry).

I read a little when I got back, took a nap (even after ten hours of sleep, I still found myself yawning), ate dinner, and found out that the nearest post office was conveniently a five-minute walk from class. Tomorrow morning I am going to send postcards to my brother Max - who is currently attending a YMCA leadership program/camp - and my boyfriend Marc (if anyone's interested, today marked two and a half years together for us). I also went for a fifty-minute run today. I found the post-office, enjoyed Disney-themed songs played on the clock tower bells, caught a beautiful sunset behind the arts and sciences buildings, and discovered a new way to get to Bailey Hall.

My homework is all done, my phone calls have been made, and I think now I will go on Netflix to enjoy a movie or show before I go to bed. Free days are nice.

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